Blockchain Has a Huge Impact on the WordPress Development Realm


Lots and lots of people, including myself, have been extolling the virtues of using WordPress and Blockchain together, instead of a traditional PHP templating frameworks.

WordPress has already been creating a buzz irrespective of the field, whether it’s of development or security. In addition to this, developers are able to find out ways to find other uses of encryption. For example- Bitcoin. Over a span of time, the tech seems to have created a keen interest for Blockchain technology in present times. With the Blockchain and bitcoin getting on heads of the people, it becomes very important for such form of encryption getting placed in WordPress?

About Blockchain

It’s a disturbed ledger technology that time-stamps all the data exchange that takes place on this platform. The only issue here is that any data addressed once in the ledger cannot be altered or changed. Additionally, it is stored chronologically, thus ensuring easy traceability. Technically speaking, Blockchain makes sure that the information is not stored at a central location, rather gest spread in the network. An important point to note about Blockchain is that all the information is stored as blocks. One block is attached to the other; thus, even if someone wants to change the data, the hacker needs to alter the other data attached to it. This makes the information secured and tamper-free.

Blockchain Revolutionizing the WordPress Realm

The popularity of WordPress has never been hidden from the digital world. However, one cannot deny the fact that the CMS in one way or the other is affected by every new concept and Blockchain for that matter is no exception. Of course, you will happen to stumble upon a plethora of WordPress plugins out there that may or may not allow website owners to accept payments via Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. For example- BitMate Author Donations will enable users to donate to websites through bitcoins. But these plugins are just one side of the coin; it’s time to get acquainted to the other side as well.

Sites can be managed easily

Blockchain Has a Huge Impact on the WordPress Development Realm

When it comes to online verification, things can be a bit more challenging. Users often end up facing troubles due to weaken username or a passcode model which can easily be stolen or cracked for getting hacked into. With the emergence of such technology, a wide range of blockchains are seen developed for encryption of personal data to let the users share their data actively. Whether it’s about login apps, identity verification, and share personal data securely with service providers or colleagues, combining blockchain with WordPress serves it all. This leads to site management without much hassle, and you can be set free from any cyber-attacks.

Easier Payments


When accepting and processing payments there are often times when users have to deal with a lot of intermediaries from visitors on their sites. The rule generally applies to those who are selling goods such as software or extensions. Now in such a situation where payments cannot be processed sans a given set of payment gateways for all countries, the sellers often end up giving away a part of their income to multiple gateway solutions.

How Blockchain comes to the rescue? The tech can easily cut down the role of many middlemen in the payment process. Moreover, it can also help digital publishers gain customers from different countries. After all, not all countries may support Paypal like certain payment solutions. A solution based on a universal blockchain can be a more useful method for accepting payments. And in the end, it certainly doesn’t matter at all whether the said payments are made in cryptocurrency or traditional money.

Monetizing the content

It is always a good idea to spend the whole bunch of money against the content creators based on the algorithm that takes into account the page views, likes and other engagement factors. Now since no one has yet figured out what does the algorithm should be applied and where does the sum of money come from. Applying that to more than a single site can be distributed into more challenging networks.

Monetizing content has changed over a span of time. I mean seeking help from WordAds and AdSense has become a little passé. Today, blockchain-based content monetization service is considered by far the distributed and most trustless.

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