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Curious how this has changed as of 2023? Here are the current higher and lower price and speed levels for each major country.

Internet speeds and costs can vary significantly around the world due to factors such as technological infrastructure, geographical location, competition among service providers, government policies, and economic conditions. As of 2021, here’s a general overview of internet speeds and costs in different regions:

  • Asia-Pacific: Countries in this region often have a wide range of internet speeds and costs. Some countries like South Korea, Japan, and Singapore are known for their high-speed and affordable internet services. In contrast, in rural or less developed areas, speeds might be slower and cost relatively higher.
  • Europe: Many European countries have high-speed internet infrastructure and offer a range of options for consumers. Scandinavian countries and parts of Western Europe tend to have some of the fastest and most affordable internet services.
  • North America: In the United States and Canada, internet speeds and costs can vary significantly by region. Urban areas often have access to higher speeds and more competitive pricing, while rural areas might have slower speeds and higher costs due to infrastructure challenges.
  • Latin America: Internet speeds and costs in Latin American countries can vary widely. Some countries have made significant improvements to their internet infrastructure, while others still face challenges with connectivity, especially in remote areas.
  • Africa: Internet infrastructure in Africa is still developing in many regions. While major cities in some countries offer relatively good speeds, rural areas often face limited connectivity and higher costs.
  • Middle East: Some Middle Eastern countries, particularly those with strong economies, have invested in high-speed internet infrastructure. However, there’s still a considerable variation in speeds and costs across the region.
  • It’s important to note that internet speeds are usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps), and costs are often quoted in local currency or as a percentage of average income. Additionally, the information provided here is a general overview and might not reflect the most up-to-date situation in every country.

    For the most accurate and current information on internet speeds and costs around the world, I recommend consulting sources such as:

    1 – Singapore 247.292 +1 United Arab Emirates 239.203 -1 Chile 229.484 +1 Hong Kong (SAR) 215.125 -1 China 209.406 +1 Thailand 206.607 -1 United States 205.208 – Denmark 199.269 – Spain 180.0010 +10 Monaco 175.3611 -1 Romania 173.3012 -1 France 169.5213 +1 Switzerland 162.2614 +1 Macau (SAR) 157.7015 +3 Kuwait 157.2516 +1 New Zealand 154.8817 +6 Israel 149.5618 +1 Canada 148.9319 -3 Japan 147.7020 +8 Uruguay 141.6921 – Portugal 141.6122 -9 Andorra 135.5723 +1 Taiwan 133.5524 -12 Liechtenstein 133.0025 -3 Hungary 132.13

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